Technical Service

KARAL Cooling Technical Service Maintenance and Periodic Care Services

This is our 45th year in the cooling industry. With our knowledge and experience, we are able to produce instant solutions to your technical service needs. We can provide service within 12 hours in Istanbul and 24 hours in neighboring cities of Istanbul. We work together to provide fast, high-quality and cost-effective solutions by cooperating with distributors and manufacturers.

Technical ServicesCold storage of all types and sizes, freezing room and freezing room. With our periodic maintenance services, we guarantee uninterrupted operation for all your industrial devices, which are important for healthy operation.

We aim to reduce the disruption of your works as much as possible by replacing the defective parts and device changes with the replacement devices until the new one comes.

We’re just a phone call away. With our trained, reliable and friendly staff providing 24/7 service, we are at the service of our esteemed customers in our 45th year.

Please see our references. Please note that the service you receive from a company that is not an expert in your business causes a lot of damage rather than benefit.

We are always at your service with KARAL COOLING guarantee for all your needs.

KARAL Endüstriyel Soğutma Sistemleri Teknik Servis
KARAL Endüstriyel Soğutma Sistemleri Teknik Servis