Remote Monitoring Systems

Remote Monitoring Devices

KARAL Industrial Cooling Systems cold storage remote monitoring control and warning systems will help to eliminate the malfunctions in cooling systems as soon as possible and to prevent the cold chain of products. Thanks to the remote monitoring system, users are informed via text message in case of any problems.

It is a cloud based remote access control system via GSM. Due to the fact that it is over GSM, the location and facility infrastructure requirement for internet access is eliminated; Since it is a cloud-based system, it can provide access from anywhere via internet with different devices such as mobile phones, computers or tablets. Since the remote access system is specifically designed for the control of cooling systems, alarm management, recording history retention and safety sensitivity are designed taking into account the issues that may be needed for a cooling system.

You have the possibility to integrate the remote monitoring system into your existing cooling systems or the new systems.

Uzaktan İzleme Sistemleri
Uzaktan İzleme Sistemleri