Fermentation Room

Fermentation Chamber

The Fermentation Room is the rooms where humidity and temperature control are provided. It makes the dough you shape swell.

Fermentation Room is made by using polyurethane panels in desired sizes. There is a lockable mechanism even though the doors are locked from the outside for safety. 304 quality stainless steel is used on the inside of the panels. It can be installed in a simple way thanks to the locked panel system. 304 quality stainless steel is used on the inner and outer surfaces of fermentation chamber doors.

The fermentation device provides the humidity and temperature homogeneously throughout the room. The fermentation device has a fully automatic control panel with a temperature range of + 20 ° C / -45 ° C and a humidity range of 60% RH to 98% RH. Humidity and temperature values of the fermentation chamber are read out via the digital panel.

In case of need, it can be monitored 24/7 via Remote Monitoring Module. Temperature and humidity values are recorded in the program during the time period you can see the records are recorded.

Fermentation Rooms

The most important feature of the Fermentation Chamber is that when the production rate increases, by increasing the humidity and temperature values, you can shorten the fermentation process and speed up the process. Or you can reduce the temperature and humidity values by decreasing the production speed. (Professionals’ experience) long-fermentation time and more delicious products are obtained. But this product that we have presented to you in a short time is possible to obtain more delicious products have been proven by us.

Fermentation Room sizes are designed and scaled according to the needs of our customers. Room height standard 2.3 m. external dimension. Altitude is sufficient, but can be changed optionally. The Fermentation Room will greatly improve the quality of your products and will positively affect your sales.

Fermantasyon Odası
Fermantasyon Odası