Quality Policy

KARAL Industrial Cooling Systems implements a quality policy comprised of the principle of remaining one step ahead the competitors in the industry based on its commitment to offer the best and highest quality products to its customers in the Cold Storage Industry thanks to its well-trained staff and technological infrastructure in addition to making constant improvements by presenting the fastest and most reliable after-sales services as a customer-oriented company.

In that respect, the company aims to ;

  • Become a customer-oriented company by continuously improving the after-sales services and product portfolio with a view to meeting the requirements and expectations of the customers,
  • Reinforcing and updating the infrastructure in line with the modern technologies,
  • Improving the quality of the services provided by after-sales service staff continuously,
  • Promoting the qualifications of the staff,
  • Enhancing the quality of the products by reinforcing the technical infrastructure,
  • Raising awareness in employees about the importance of quality in order to make it a lifelong principle to focus on continuous improvement.
  • Investing in eco-friendly technologies and using state-of-the-art technologies to minimize the impact of our products on domestic and global climate change in order to provide the customers with the products that will inflict the least damage on the environment.
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