Sliding Doors

Sliding Cold Room Doors

Our sliding doors share the same qualities with hinged doors as both surface and insulating materials. Sliding type doors can be produced from net transition dimensions of 120 (width) x 200 (height) cm and up to 300 (width) x 300 (height) cm clear passage size. When the sliding doors are opened, they rise by means of the special slide rail and are opened to the outside by means of the tail roller. Thus the door seals do not rub and tear.

Features of Sliding Cold Storage Doors;

  • Aluminum door wing frame (70, 90, 120 mm),
  • PUR insulated,(42-45 kg/m),
  • PVC heavy duty door case,
  • Fixed resin handle,
  • Lever metal handle,
  • Heavy-duty rollers and mechanisms,
  • Aluminum sliding rails,
  • Elastic rubber gaskets,
  • Optional double row of gaskets for negative temperatures,
  • Heater in the aluminum moulding,
  • Face colours:Prepainted (RAL9002) and PVC coated (RAL9010),
  • Optional stainless steel faces,
  • Other RAL colours available on demand,
  • Optional meat rail opening on the PVC case,
  • Variety of opening dimensions available.
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Sürgülü Soğuk Oda Kapı
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