Swinging Doors

Swinging Cold Room Doors

KARAL Cooling Industry. Swinging Doors are manufactured according to international standards.

Moving blades can be opened 180 degrees in both directions and can be open when desired.

Standard wing thickness is 4 cm.

It can be produced with or without windows.


Features of Swinging Cold Room Doors;

  • Aluminum door wing frame (40 mm),
  • PUR insulated(45 kg/m3),
  • Durable spring hinges,
  • Oval plexiglass windows,
  • Face material: Prepainted (RAL9002) and PVC coated (RAL9010),
  • Option bottom part of stainless steel,
  • Option PVC or stainless steel bumper,
  • Various dimensions available from standard chart, and also on demand.