Management Systems Policy

KARAL Industrial Cooling Systems aims to protect the occupational health and safety of its employees and conserve the natural environment in line with the principle of sustainable development while performing the manufacturing operations with the highest quality. 

In that respect, the following principles are implemented in relation to Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Integrated Management systems.

  • QUALITY : Manufacturing high quality products in a timely manner by focusing on the requirements and expectations of customers in refrigerant supermarket sections industry and achieving maximum customer satisfaction.
  • ENVIRONMENT : Minimizing the environmental impact of all operations based on the principle of “Sustainable Development”, remaining sensitive and careful about environment, ensuring prevention of environmental pollution and protecting natural resources.
  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY : Constituting an example on Occupational Health and Safety in the industry and leading Occupational Health and Safety initiatives in the industry. Ensuring prevention of Occupational Accidents, Occupational Diseases and Health Impairments. Adopt and impose the motto “No Work can Be so Important as to Neglect Safety Measures”.
  • COMPLIANCE WITH LEGAL REGULATIONS : Working with an excellence going well beyond all legal obligations and standards based on the principle of “voluntariness” and contributing to the drawing up of new regulations, standards and rules.
  • TECHNOLOGY – ENERGY AND RESOURCE UTILIZATION : Benefiting from the current technologies compatible with environment and human health to the maximum extent in order to promote efficient and productive use of resources.
  • SAFETY AND DISPOSAL : Reducing the wastes that may arise from our operations at source, recycling the wastes and disposing of the wastes unsuitable for recycling processes appropriately. Taking measures to avoid occupational accidents and diseases, preventing business losses and guaranteeing maximum productivity by raising awareness in employees.
  • TRAINING AND AWARENESS : Boosting the efficiency and productivity of our systems by creating an innovative workforce that is sensitive towards environment and respectful towards the business, employer and labour by means of planned and unplanned training programmes to be provided based on the requirement.
  • CONTINIOUS DEVELOPMENT AND IMPROVEMENT : Complying with the requirements of management systems thanks to the contributions of the senior management and participation of all employees and improving the system performance / efficiency continuously. Creating synergy based on the experience acquired from the activities performed in collaboration with public, private corporations and NGO’s and making use of this synergy to enable the company to provide social benefits.
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