About us

KARAL Industrial Cooling Systems

With 45 years of experience (cold room, cold storage, facilities, frozen storage room, shock rooms, hygiene rooms, fermentation rooms, laboratory rooms, waste rooms, cold containers and all related refrigeration equipments) carries out turnkey contracting works.

KARAL Industrial Refrigeration Systems, is the construction of the partnership which gives priority to the service quality that gives trust to the present and tomorrow since its foundation, and gives priority to long-lasting trust and friendship.

KARAL Industrial Cooling Systems has adopted the principle of service with its friendly approach which gives the feeling of quality and trust with the most accurate – reasonable pricing in the sector from the smallest to the largest scale enterprises, from consumer to producer, employee to manager, to every institution and organization of the society and to all country stakeholders.

KARAL Industrial Cooling Systems, continues to invest in its future and employees based on the pillars of state-of-the-art technology, seamless high quality and manufacturing automation technologies in order to maximize the satisfaction of all corporate stakeholders from customers to suppliers with a sustainable approach.

Total Quality System refers to the magical transformation that has led to the creation of a corporate culture which is based on procuring benefits by solving problems rather than living with problems. KARAL Industrial Cooling Systems has revised the quality management system in line with TUV certified ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System with the full integration of all employees. The aim is to provide maximum customer satisfaction based on the philosophy of continuous improvement which forms the basis of Total Quality Management System.