Hinged Doors

Hinged Cold Room Doors

Hinged Swing Cold Room Doors are preferred in small and medium sized Cold Storage depots.

KARAL Cooling Industry. these doors are manufactured according to international standards.

Hinged doors are produced between two sheets of 0.50 mm thickness by injecting high density polyurethane machines with a density of 40-42 kg / m³.

According to the temperature of the cold storage tank Hinged Cold Storage doors thickness 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm and 15 cm thick. Low temperature warehouses against freezing door seals are produced with heating resistance.

Surface materials of Hinged Impact Cold Storage Doors are manufactured as standard RAL 9002 painted Polyester coated Galvanized Steel. PVC coated Galvanized Sheet or 304 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel can be produced as an option.
It is very important to be hygienic because it is constantly intertwined with food. For this reason, HACCP rules are manufactured using anti-bacterial materials.

Hinged doors are the most commonly used net transition dimensions of 90 cm x 190 cm. According to the customer’s request and the size of the transport equipment to enter the larger or narrower sizes are available. When the door leaf is opened, the hinge is used to prevent friction.

Hinged Swing Doors; It can be used not only for cold storage areas but also for heat insulation.

Hinged crash type doors can be manufactured to the right or left according to the customer’s demand and the condition of the project.

Even if the door is locked out of the door at any moment of panic, the person in the tank can easily go out of the tank thanks to the high-grade interior opening handle.

Optionally, if the door window is fitted with a viewing window, it is possible to monitor the products in the warehouse without opening the door.


Features of Hinged Cold Room Doors;

  • Aluminum door wing frame (70, 90, 120 mm),
  • Insulation – with PUR foam (42-45 kg/m),
  • Outside handle with or without a key,
  • Safety handle inside,
  • Heavy duty hinges,
  • Elastic rubber gaskets,
  • Heater in the gasket for negative temperatures,
  • Choice of face colours: Prepainted (RAL9002) and PVC coated (RAL9010),
  • Optional stainless steel faces (one or both),
  • Other RAL chart colours available on demand,
  • Optional meat rail opening on the case panel,
  • Large table of available opening dimensions

Menteşeli Soğuk Oda Kapılarının Özellikleri

  • Alüminyum kapı kanadı çerçevesi (70, 90, 120 mm),
  • İzolasyon – PUR köpüklü (42-45 kg / m),
  • Anahtarlı veya anahtarsız dış tutamak,
  • İçerdeki emniyet kolu,
  • Ağır hizmet menteşeleri,
  • Elastik kauçuk contalar,
  • Contadaki negatif sıcaklıklar için ısıtıcı,
  • Yüz rengi seçimi: Boyalı (RAL9002) ve PVC kaplı (RAL9010),
  • İsteğe bağlı paslanmaz çelik yüzeyler (bir veya her ikisi),
  • Talep üzerine temin edilebilen diğer RAL grafik renkleri,
  • Kasa panelinde isteğe bağlı et ray açıklığı,
  • Mevcut açılış ebatları için geniş tabla