Cold Rooms

Cold Storages allow large storage areas for integrated production or stock-based operations.
Fermentation Rooms are rooms where humidity and temperature control is provided. It allows the dough you shape to ferment and rise.
Places where household waste is temporarily stored are called Garbage Rooms. Garbage Rooms are mandatory for places such as hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and public buildings.
Otomotiv Test Kabini

Automotive Test Cabin

The Automotive Test Cabin offers testing opportunities to measure the durability of vehicles against natural and possible harsh conditions during use.

Container Cold Storage system is portable and can perform the cooling process completely not in a fixed location but even in different places.

Pharmaceutical Cold Storages; It ensures that medical products, including sensitive drugs such as vaccines, are kept in a sterile environment.

Controlled Atmosphere Chambers, thanks to the controlled atmosphere, take in O2 and then release CO2 to improve the respiration of vegetables and fruits.